Angelic (2015)

Angelic (2015) Angelic is a daring new blend of styles – a dramatic comedy, with memorable characters, nefarious villains, emotionally engaging storylines, and cinematic climactic moments. It will make you laugh, and sometimes, make you cry. (Well, that’s the aim anyway.) With a story spanning Heaven, Hell, Earth and even the realms beyond, angels, demons, […]

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Country of Hotels (2015)

Country of Hotels (2015) A room in an anonymous hotel, has a profoundly dark effect on all who stay there. Working under the production designer, Mike McLoughlin, I assisted in the construction and dressing for the feature film Country of Hotels (2015). I also created the majority of the set graphics. The graphics included all the hotel […]

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Night Owls (2015)

Last year I worked as an Art Director on a great short called ‘Night Owls’. Set over the course of a single night, Night Owls is the story of two lost souls coming together. When teenage runaway Mari breaks into the house of reclusive thirty-something Kent, they discover that they have a mutual disdain for […]

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White Lily

I got involved with the White Lily shoot through Sophia Ramcharan, who is the producer at Stella Vision Films, which was also responsible for The Grand and Happy New Year, two shorts that I had worked on previously. I joined the crew quite late due to being abroad for a lot of the production meetings, but I was fortunate enough […]

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Scenery Build – Aged Poster

To create the effect of an aged poster I decided to layer newsprint painted in different colours onto the flattage before painting the final poster. I built up the layers using PVA and Supersaturated Rosco paints.   After the under-layers were completed, I set to work painting a section of an old poster. Due to […]

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Bar Sign Build

I wanted to make a fullsize prop for the Expo, so I designed this bar sign before I had planned for the rest of my display. The design gave me a chance to practise sign writing and woodwork skills. Rather than using metal for the design above the bracket I used MDF and a jigsaw […]

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I decided to use CAD and a lasercutter for the train carriage part of the scale model. This was because the design contained a lot of small and repetitive details, often involving curves. I copied the style of the carriage from the recently restored Met 353. You can find out more about the restored carriage here. […]

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Technical Drawings of Tube Set

    My planning process for the end of year Expo is part traditional and part computer based. I found that using a drawing board and paper was easier for me to work out the larger areas of the set, including the cross-section above and the floorplan shown below. Once these measurements were in place […]

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Masks for ‘#MurderSelfie’ (2016)

  #MurderSelfie – a comedy-horror A young couple update their home invasion nightmare via social media as a quiet night in turns into carnage.  Working with Tobias Tobbell, the writer and director of ‘#MurderSelfie’ (2016), I created the masks for the masked intruders. We decided on two distinct ideas for each mask. The half mask […]

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Amelia’s Letter (2015)

Promotional images for the short film ‘Amelia’s Letter‘ (2015), which I worked on in February last year. I’m looking forward sharing more when they are released.   Links to previous posts on this project below. 1. 1903 set for ‘Amelia’s Letter’ 2. 1939 redress for ‘Amelia’s Letter’ 3. 1969 redress for ‘Amelia’s Letter’ 4. Present day redress for […]

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