20th October London Trip Part 1 – Somerset House

Last weekend I went down to London for the David Wasco and Sandy Reynolds-Wasco Masterclass at BAFTA. Though before the talk I took the opportunity to see the Tim Walker exhibition at Somerset House. I hadn’t been to Somerset House before so it was a really interesting trip.

The first things I saw when I got to Somerset House were the posters for Paul Benny’s Night Paintings, which were set up in the Deadhouse. This was such a great space for these images. Very eerie and some of the subjects looked ready to push their way out of the paintings. – The Ring style.

Quote from the Somerset House website;

‘Celebrated British artist Paul Benney, a resident artist at Somerset House, brings hisNight Paintings to the hidden passageways underneath its fountain courtyard for the first exhibition of its kind in this unique space. Curated by Flora Fairbairn, the exhibition includes more than 25 paintings, comprised of past and new works created over the duration of the artist’s tenure as a resident artist. The exhibition is the first exhibition of paintings to be held in our Deadhouse, a series of hidden, atmospheric chambers which contain the gravestones of 17th century palace retainers beneath The Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court.’

The exhibition is free and on until the 9th December. I definitely recommend taking a look.

This was my favourite painting in the exhibition. I don’t want to post too many because it is so much better seeing them in person. Saying that, here’s one more. This one gives a better idea of how the space is organised.

Seeing the Night Paintings was such a contrast to the Tim Walker : Storyteller exhibition in the east wing. Both are dreamlike but opposite in almost every other way.

The Tim Walker exhibition was very whimsical, with a lot of the giant props displayed alongside the photographs. There is also a great quote from Tim Walker towards the end in which he tries to explain his thought processes behind the photos.

This exhibition is also free and on until the 27th January.

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