Light Night Project Part 2

Since discovering that the spread of the projector wasn’t wide enough to fit the original plan of creating ‘doors’ of colour, the project was completely redesigned. Taking the idea of ‘fragments’ of light we created shapes out of High Impact Polystyrene in Silver Mirror.

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 15.12.58   IMG_3152

We then decided to place them into a fan shape on top of a two meter high wall in the space outside the Newton Building of Nottingham Trent University. The new design should reflect the looped video onto the floor and steps of the installation space.


The new design also has another interactive element to it. By placing a prism directly in front of the projector, the audience can ‘interfere’ with the projection and bend light to and away from the reflective sculpture.


The case for the projector was designed to mimic the angular shapes of the sculpture.

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 15.06.04IMG_3182

So that the reflections of video are cast on the floor rather than back to the projector we had to angle each fragment. We set the design so the fragments lean forwards from 15 to 30 degrees.


To ensure that the mirror fragments and reflections are the focus of the installation, the support of the sculpture and the housing for the projector will be painted black.


The sculpture support with the fragments attached is beginning to look very intimidating. All the projection mapping is to be done in one day due to time constraints and limited access to the theatre space where it will be tested.


Each colour video will be cut and matched up to different shapes of each fragment. Below is the full loop for each.

Sequence 1 from Anya Kordecki on Vimeo.

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