Project Source Material

IMG_20130304_0002The source material I will use for my project is from a story I wrote when I was younger. I used the section with a description of the bar where one of the key characters worked. I also sketched the above image to use as another reference.


Spoke & Vine

Arden Day was in his mid-30s, lean and reasonably tall. He habitually wore a grey waistcoat over a white shirt with unbuttoned sleeves and slightly baggy black trousers. He was the owner and sole bartender of the Spoke & Vine, which was a small bar in the heart of the city, known for its redlined booths more frequently visited by reporters, detectives and political figures than lovers. The bar, like everything Arden owned, was well cared for but often old, worn and second-hand. Arden lived and worked in that bar even sleeping in the back room. In order to keep the bar open he had to resort to eavesdropping on his customers’ conversations. He would then sell political secrets back to the government.

A young reporter named Gia came to the Spoke & Vine to meet a contact that did not arrive. Arden allowed the girl to drink heavily until she began talking about the story she was working on. Arden sold on her information, but then began to feel uneasy about the trade. Soon after, Arden discovered that Gia had been arrested. Later that week a man came into the bar before any of the regular customers. He was a stocky man well into his 40s and gruff in appearance.


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