Harry Potter Studio Tour – Part 2

The second half of the studio tour included the ‘art-department’ section, which displayed the technical drawings for the film. The plans lined the walls so it was difficult to see the detail of anything above eye-level. However the plans I could see were stunning.


The next room contained many of the white-card models used in the film series.

These models are often produced as the final stage of the design to conform to the specific requirements of the set. It is normally made from a technical drawing and is therefore a three-dimensional version of the plan.

IMG_3518 IMG_3508

The models serve as communication tool for the whole film crew as it shows the space in each and helps to plan camera angles. The most common scale for the model is 1:50, which is the same scale in which the technical drawings are often drafted.

IMG_3512 IMG_3510

However, in the next room a very different type of model was on display – The massive 1:24 scale model of Hogwarts. It measures around 50 feet across and was the very model used for every film in the Harry Potter series.


Inspiration was drawn from some of the exterior locations used in the film such as Alnwick Castle and Durham Cathedral and other part were invented purely for the film. It was built and painted by more than 80 artists from the original concept art produced by the production designer Stuart Craig and his team. The huge amount of detail required resulted in 74 years of man-hours spent on the model by all the artists and crew.

IMG_3526 IMG_3527

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