David Dernie – Architectural Drawing

On Thursday 4th April I went to see the Lichtenstein exhibition at the Tate Modern and found the book Architectural Drawing by David Dernie in the gift shop. David Dernie is the dean of architecture at Westminster University. He created his book to encourage variety in architectural drawing and covers an impressive range of drawing techniques.


I decided to research a little more about his work and discovered a video clip of him talking about the ‘irrational design process’ and how experimenting with techniques encourages creativity in what is often seen as a rigid process of designing for architecture.

See video below.

I thought his philosophy was really relevant to my project as I am looking at how different processes, used by production designers, can affect their work. David Dernie is not suggesting we avoid modern processes but incorporate a mixture of different practices in order to achieve the best result.  Using purely screen-based techniques could be considered stifling, but may be the direction future areas of design are heading.

See below for a selection of pages from David Dernie’s book.

010-172 008-175 007-176


Images from David Dernie, 2010. Architectural Drawing (Portfolio Skills: Architecture). Edition. Laurence King Publishers.

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