Terracotta Warrior filmshoot

IMG_3684On Saturday 20th April I helped on a filmshoot for a short film called Terracotta Warrior. The film revolves around a bookseller who is struggling to keep his business afloat when he finds a book, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War for the Management Warrior.

The team behind this film was the same team, which I assisted with the production of the film The Grand. I previously posted about it here, you can also find the behind the scenes photostream here.


I was brought on to help with costume and set dressing. The location used for the film was a book warehouse owned by the scriptwriter, therefore almost everything required for the shoot was already on site.

I chose the costume for the lead character Brian. I felt that, though he would dress smartly for work, he wouldn’t wear a lot of black.  I chose muted colours for the shirt, jacket and tie to reflect his frustration at his job and his inability to improve it. (Bright, dominant colours can often be used to suggest confidence and optimism.)


I also created some origami for set dressing. As his frustration grows, so does the amount of origami cluttering his desk.


I love the lighting in the final shot for this scene (image at the top of the post) with the strong contrast created by using primary colours. The blue light on the wall also hints at the supernatural element to this film.

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