Happy New Year – Character profiles

Luca as Michael Cohen – Male, 10, Caucasian

Michael copy


Shy, introverted, awkward and never quite fits in with his environment, even at home. He is the kind of kid that never takes his coat off. He is struggling to understand his place within the vastly confusing world around him.

More than anything, he wants the day off school.

Key Colour – Red

Costume needed: School uniform, coat (oversized and bright), pyjamas (x2? Bloodstains or hospital garb)

Character’s colour theme:




Location pictures – Michael’s bedroom:

Picture 89

Rough room plan:


Luke as Ben Cohen – Male, 30/40s, Caucasian

Ben copy

Michael’s father

He is quietly assured yet stubborn. Ben was raised in a strict household and after years of rebellion, he vowed to raise his children differently. However, ten years later, Ben finds himself on the opposing side of where he wants to be and is finding it difficult to stand his ground.

Key Colour – Blue

Costume needed: Work clothes – suit trousers and shirt (x2? bloodstains)


Location picture’s – Cohen’s kitchen:


Rowen as Sophie Cohen – Female, 30/40s, Caucasian

Sophie copy

Michael’s mother

Strong willed yet tenderly insecure. Sophie is doing the best job she can when it comes to raising Michael. However, when circumstances out of her control come to the forefront, she is forced to confront the person(s) she believes to be responsible.

Key Colour – Neutrals

Costume needed: Jacket (x3 for sleeve tear)


Location pictures – Cohen’s living room:


Tina as Aunt Daphna – Female, 40s, Caucasian

Daphna copy

Michael’s aunt and Ben’s sister

A single mother and owner of a Kosher Butchers, Daphna regularly caters for Michael after school. She is constantly at odds with Ben and lives in a world away from Michael’s home life. Daphna lives strictly by the tradition she was raised in.

Key Colour – Earthy green

Costume needed: Butchers pinnie/coat, long skirt.



Location pictures – Daphna’s living room:


Jack as Judah – Male, 12, Caucasian

Judah copy

Michael’s cousin and Daphna’s son

Key Colour – Potentially faded orange (antagonist colour)

Costume needed: Jeans and a hoodie, comfortable worn clothes.


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