Artdepartmental Post on Alex McDowell Quote posted an Alex McDowell quote on their website yesterday.

“We’re in 100 percent digital film space now. I think the industry has to accept that this is like the transition to talkies — it’s massive and it’s game-changing and it’s happening. You can say “talkies are a gimmick and I’m a silent film man,” but your career is effectively over once you’ve made that decision. Fundamentally these ever-changing tools are just a way to enhance our creative process. I don’t know how to use any of this stuff, but what I’ve discovered is that my ignorance is a real asset — I don’t know anything about the limitations of the technology, so I can expect it can do whatever I imagine. And usually that’s the ideal relationship to have with engineers and technologists, because they love the challenge to create under the pressure of a creative demand.”

– Alex McDowell, Production Designer of Fight ClubMinority Report and Man of Steel

Link here

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