Change of Direction – Set Redesign

When in London at the beginning of the month, I visited the London transport Museum and found a book on disused tube stations. This prompted a rethink on my set design for this project. Project source material here.


I knew that I wanted the set to be underground so that the bar seemed secluded and hard to find. I also knew that I wanted the bar to be furnished from salvaged items such as train carriages etc. After finding this book and discovering the wide interest in these tube stations, I decided that it might be interesting to move the set into an abandoned station.

I also discovered that one of the early train carriages that were used when the tube first opened had recently been restored. The project was called Met 353, as the coach was number 353 that ran on the Metropolitan Railway, and was to celebrate the 150 anniversary of the Met. You can find more information about projects 353 on the London transport Museum blog, link here.


The restored carriage was a traditional first-class seating arrangement with separate, private compartments. I thought this would be perfect for the booths in my set design. Link to original design here.

I imagine is that the bartender would have come across this abandoned station with the broken down carriage stuck on the tracks. I also plan to use another carriage with the longitudinal seating arrangement that is more common today.

Featured Image from, link here.
Image of Met 353 from London Transport Museum collection.

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