Scenery Build – Part One

As part of my expo I decided to build a fullsize section of my set design. I chose a section of wall that would have both tiles and the remains of an old poster. The tile section will be flat while the poster will curve and loom over.

IMG_4303 copy

To get the correct curve a router was attached to a long plank of wood measuring almost 4m. The side panels were designed to give the surface the correct shape and secure the structure of the wall.


After cutting the side panels, support bars were attached to assist the curve of the MDF, which was then nailed into place.


After the flattage was assembled, I set to work cutting and painting the ’tiles’. I used lightweight mountboard for the tiles. They were cut into 9″ by 3″ pieces and then painted and glazed to look like tile.


When the glaze was fully dry, I used a glue-gun to fix the ’tiles’ to the lower half of the flattage.


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