Props and Prep for Amelia’s Letter

Working on the shoot for ‘Amelia’s Letter’ (then called ‘A Cautionary Tale’) was very exciting for me. There were lots of highly detailed prop pieces to be made for four different time periods, 1903, 1939, 1969 and present day. I loved getting my teeth stuck into the research, especially for the 1903 setting which had most of the significant pieces. The most important things to be made were the letters from the ‘Black Orchid’ publishing company. I first set about creating the somewhat sinister logo. We needed something that could be made into a rubber stamp and then updated for the different times.

Black Orchid Logo

After settling on the logo design, I glued the image onto a rubber eraser and cut into the face with a scalpel to make a rubber stamp. I also played around with different inks and paper to see if I could get the stamp to ‘fade’ for the later versions.


A bout of insomnia combined with access to AfterEffects resulted in this video logo.

Black Orchid Logo from Anya Kordecki on Vimeo. As well as the logo, I also had to create the letters, illustrations and manuscript for the 1903 setting. The A4 standard was not used until around 1960, so I cut my paper down to either Quarto (10″x8″) or Imperial (9″x7″) sizes. I used a calligraphy pen to both write the letters and draw the illustrations. IMG_6508 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   The last prop to make for the 1903 setting was a photo of the lead character with her husband. I found a an old photo of a couple and added in our actress. 228292(1) couple1

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