1903 Set Dressing for Amelia’s Letter

As well as being fortunate enough to film in a listed building for ‘Amelia’s Letter’, we were also able to paint directly onto the walls. This ended up saving us a lot of time with the multiple transformations. The first three images below show the location as found. The walls were so damp that the wallpaper peeled off by hand. After the walls were throughly cleaned, they were painted a pale yellow and a patterned roller was used to apply a white wallpaper pattern. I, then, ‘aged’ the walls by painting damp back into the corners and cracks. Custom shelves were built for the alcoves and key furniture, such as the writing desk, was placed in the room. The set was then dressed using the props sourced for the 1903 setting. The props for this time period were the most challenging to find, but I was proud that my handwritten letters were so prominent.

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