Rebel Costume Helmet for Secret Cinema Presents Star Wars

This summer, the company Secret Cinema created an immersive event based around Star Wars Episode V ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. I was lucky enough to be invited to the preview screening on the 30th May. Being a huge fan of immersive events and Star Wars itself, I immediately logged into the website and got my character information. Rebel fighter was my assigned rank and from then on I couldn’t help but get excited about planning my costume.

As it was the preview screening of the event, I didn’t have much time to buy a kit or create my own helmet. Therefore I decided to use a motorcycle helmet as my base. After some searching I came across this helmet on ebay.


While not completely accurate, I thought it would make an interesting version of Luke Skywalker’s helmet.


After removing the visor, I started work on the helmet by sanding the surface with very fine sandpaper and then spraying fine coats of enamel primer. This took multiple passes to completely cover the original paintwork. My next step was to find the centre of the helmet and mask sections off. After that I simply painted section by sections outwards from the centre stripe.


When all the stripes and sections were mapped out I reattached the visor and then hand-painted the symbols. I had separately painted the visor by coating it with cleanspirit before adding the glass paint that so that the paint cracked and the visor looked as if it had been damaged. I finished the helmet with some weathering and a clear spray varnish.

HelmetHelmet1 Helmet2 Helmet3

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