Masks for ‘#MurderSelfie’ (2016)


#MurderSelfie – a comedy-horror

A young couple update their home invasion nightmare via social media as a quiet night in turns into carnage. 

Working with Tobias Tobbell, the writer and director of ‘#MurderSelfie’ (2016), I created the masks for the masked intruders. We decided on two distinct ideas for each mask. The half mask was more threatening so I exaggerated an angry expression with a deep red colour. We later discussed the idea of the face looking as if it had been skinned.

Half-face “Devil” Mask

DevilConcept1 DevilConcept2

Full-face “Mummy” Mask

The full mask was to look more haunted, I took inspiration from mummified corpses and went for a sorrowful skull like mask that was wrapped in bandages or old skin.


When the concepts were finalised I began forming the masks by sculpting them out of clay.



After I had the shape I wanted I covered the clay in cling film. I then used different materials to make test masks, before deciding the best material to use. Both masks were to be created from static materials, so I explored plaster, papier mâché, ‘Das’ (air-drying modelling clay) and ‘KobraCast’ (polyester bandage with thermoplastic).

Devil_final1(plaster test mask on left, ‘Das’ test on right)

Mummy_comparison3(plaster test mask on left, papier mâché test on right)

For the ‘mummy’ mask, I decided on using KobraCast because it was strong, slightly flexible and the texture worked well with the mask design.The KobraCast came as a roll which I cut into strips and used to build up the detail. I also used a thin black gauze over the eye holes to enhance the expression. Looking at the mask now I would have liked the shape of the eyes to be more rounded, but overall I liked the outcome and enjoyed working with the material.


For the ‘devil’ mask I decided to use Das because I like the smoothness of the material and it’s ability to pick up detail. I pressed another sheet of Das over the clay sculpt and let it dry a little before adding the detail of the wrinkles and creases.


Das can be a little heavy and brittle but since it was a half mask the weight was okay, I also added a strips of plastazote foam to make it more comfortable to wear and to reinforce the structure of the mask.


The finish on the ‘devil’ mask was my favourite part. I used a red acrylic primer and matt acrylic paint to enhance the shape of the mask. The final layer of paint was Citadel Technical paint in ‘Blood for the Blood God’, which has a wet look gloss finish.

IMG_8029(finished ‘devil’ half mask)

IMG_8026(finished ‘mummy’ mask)

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