Overview of Project

The first aim of this study was to consider the evolution of production design and examine the different methods used by production designers in film when making creative choices. By contrasting the works of a production designer who uses traditional methods with that of a production designer that invents or adapts new technology based methods, […]

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I decided to use CAD and a lasercutter for the train carriage part of the scale model. This was because the design contained a lot of small and repetitive details, often involving curves. I copied the style of the carriage from the recently restored Met 353. You can find out more about the restored carriage here. […]

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Technical Drawings of Tube Set

    My planning process for the end of year Expo is part traditional and part computer based. I found that using a drawing board and paper was easier for me to work out the larger areas of the set, including the cross-section above and the floorplan shown below. Once these measurements were in place […]

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Recently I completed a storyboard for another short film called Tears Of A Clown. I have only posted this one board as the film is still in production and I did not want to give away the story or ending. I also removed the dialogue from the storyboard. Storyboards are useful to a production designer […]

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Harry Potter Studio Tour – Part 2

The second half of the studio tour included the ‘art-department’ section, which displayed the technical drawings for the film. The plans lined the walls so it was difficult to see the detail of anything above eye-level. However the plans I could see were stunning. The next room contained many of the white-card models used in […]

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